Cellular Network for Automated Irrigation System

  • Nikko Ardel P. Floretes College of Engineering, Samar State University, Philippines
  • Francis Jerric J. Candido University of San Carlos, Cebu Philippines


The paper proposes a wireless solution, based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) networks for the monitoring of the device, soil humidity and water level of the container in a small scale plantation. This system provides ideal solution for monitoring critical conditions in the plantation. Utilizing soil humidity sensor, water level sensor, water pump, microcontroller, LCD and GSM technology, this system offers a low cost and effective solution to wide range of remote monitoring. The system can configure to transmit data on the status of the plantation, to a mobile phone. Whenever it finishes the water irrigation, the system will send an SMS to the user. The user can monitor the system through his mobile phone by sending commands to GSM modem, and then passed to the microcontroller. The system provides global access to the user since it used GSM as its mobile communication. It has also additional features such as the user can monitor the balance of the load from the system, the user can also control the pump manually or through mobile phone and the system can send the monitoring status via SMS to any number inputted by the user via mobile phone.

Dec 31, 2015
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