The CSU-SM Kaniyogan Extension Program: A Road to the Enhancement of the Coconut Industry in Cagayan

  • Susan R. Matipo Cagayan State University- Sanchez Mira Campus, Philippines


The study was conducted to assess the impact of the RDET Program of the Cagayan State University at Sanchez Mira Campus, “The Kaniyogan: Reaching People, Transforming Lives” after its second year of service implementation.  The study made use of a combination of a quantitative and qualitative research design with documentary analysis, field visits and interviews to the farmer beneficiaries as methods of gathering the needed data.  The accomplishments of the programs were measured in terms of the number or nature of seminars conducted and or technical/advisory services provided, demonstration areas established, enterprises organized or established, and IEC materials produced and distributed. Impacts of the program were measured in terms of the responses of the adopters of the technology and some individual members of organizations. There were 37 seminars and skills trainings conducted and attended to by a total of 2496 participants during the 2-year period. There are 15 community-based demonstration farms established and 15 campus-based demonstration farms maintained. The extension program is assisting 10 small scale enterprises with 4 individuals and 6 groups or cooperatives/ associations.           The RDET Program was able to publish a Coffee Table Book called Kaniyogan  and a Kaniyogan Newsletter. The services offered by the Kaniyogan were rated by 97.80% of the participants as “Good or Better”.

            The extension program has a very good impact on individuals who are able fund their projects.  Moreover, it has not affected much the lives of the individual members of small groups or associations.  Based on the result of the study, a common observation was noted.  If the technology is adopted by an individual who can afford to spend the inputs of the project, it will be sustained and will grow into an enterprise.  Moreover, if this is introduced to a group of people  just to be able to avail of a small amount of grant, it will die when the fund is used up. It is recommended that trainings should be given to individuals who are interested and capable of adopting the technology and they will be the ones to create employment opportunities for the less capable groups.

Dec 31, 2016
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