Madre de Agua (Trichanthera gigantea) Leaf Meal as Fed to Quails with Aloe Vera Extract and Acid Cheese Whey Supplementation

  • Feleciano Bejar Northwest Samar State University San Jorge Campus, San Jorge, Samar


This study evaluated the effects of Trichanthera gigantea leaf meal in quail ration with Aloe vera extract and Acid cheese whey supplementation in drinking water. Three hundred quails distributed to 15 treatments, four replications in 3x5 factorial experiments using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD).  Results showed highly significant differences among treatments. Birds fed with 15% of T. gigantea leaf meal in the diet performed well regarding final and gained weights, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio and water consumption than those birds in the control.  Birds with 15% and 25% T. gigantea in their feed have a delayed point of lay than those in the control. The result showed significant effects on egg length, shape index, shell thickness, surface area, breaking strength, yolk color, and cholesterol contents. Levels of Aloe vera and cheese whey in drinking water did not affect egg qualities.  However, the egg of birds supplemented with 15 ml Aloe vera extract had longer egg length than the other supplementation levels.  The economic and financial analysis of the study showed that birds with 15% T. gigantea leaf meal had a higher return on investment than the quails fed with 25% T. gigantea. Fifteen (15%) percent inclusion of T. gigantea leaf meal is the maximum level beneficial for growth, production and egg qualities improvement of quails.

Dec 31, 2017
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BEJAR, Feleciano. Madre de Agua (Trichanthera gigantea) Leaf Meal as Fed to Quails with Aloe Vera Extract and Acid Cheese Whey Supplementation. COUNTRYSIDE DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH JOURNAL, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 1, p. 15-23, dec. 2017. ISSN 2449-4577. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 feb. 2019.