The Countryside Development Research Journal (CDRJ) is the official research publication of Samar State University. It is a CHED–JAS Category B accredited (B2105). The Editors welcome manuscripts that enclose advance knowledge and understanding of all aspects of disciplines along science and technology, engineering, health sciences, education and management, languages and communications, gender and development, social sciences, industrial technology, and information technology. All manuscripts must have a sound scientific, theoretiical and philosophical base.

All manuscripts are screened by the Editor-in-Chief and an Editor for their suitability for publication in CDRJ on the basis that authors or writers meet essential criteria for sending out for peer review and, subsequently, would be read and cited and, thereby, make a contribution to countryside. Feedback is not normally provided at this stage and there is no process of appeal against rejection; the decision is final.

Manuscripts are checked for their adherence to CDRJ author guidelines and for their similarity to other sources Manuscripts not conforming to CDRJ author guidelines will be returned or rejected; manuscripts showing substantial similarity to other sources will be referred to the Editor-in-Chief.


Accepted manuscripts will be submitted in the initial screening will undergo a double-blind peer review. Research statisticians will also conduct a review on the manuscripts with statistical content. After which, once the reviews will be returned to the Editor–in-chief, the Editor will now proofread the manuscripts and make some further modifications. Our policy, synonymous to other journals, the reviewers’ role is to advise the Editor to improve the paper but it is the latter that will make the final decision.

The Editors retain the right to modify the style of a contribution but major changes will be agreed to by the author(s) and author(s) are asked to check the final page proofs.